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Day 3 with Dad

I wish I had happier news that Dad had turned the corner and things looked up, but that was not to be.

Reluctant Heart had promised to meet with Richard, Dad, and I FIRST thing this morning to decide on Hospice; he chose not to show up until late morning.  He told us he wasn’t ready for Dad to go, I was standing by Dad’s side, holding his hand, looking at his unresponsive body and said, “But Dad is.”

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Days 1 and 2 with Dad

I was relieved and glad to get to see Dad myself, there was no peace of mind like it.

Dad has been through a lot, his eyes were not shiny blue as we knew them to be.  They were  overcast and that may have been due to head trauma from the seizures.  Dad knew I was there, I watched his breathing change as did his eyes.  He was still in there, just unable to talk.

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National TBI Awareness Day 2013 on March 13th in DC

This will be the fourth year I've attended the TBI Awareness Day on Capitol Hill.  I strongly encourage all survivors who are able to please attend and speak with your representatives.  This year, brain injury awareness day on Capitol Hill will be held on Wednesday, March 13, 2013. As in years past, there will be an awareness fair, briefing and reception. The full schedule for the day is as follows:

10:00 AM – 2:00 PM - Brain Injury Awareness Fair - 1st Floor Foyer,…


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A Little Black and Blue Heart

Some of the losses we deal with on this path with TBI cannot be measured...

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What is Awareness All About?

I know where I have been and what I have been through to get to where I am today. I also know that I am not alone and that possibly millions of people have had similar experiences of 'falling through the net' and feeling as though they have lost their soul...

A couple of years ago I wrote a book about how life works. Some would call it a 'spiritual' book, but, for me, it was simply about stating experience and my understanding. I sent the first three chapters to 'Hay House' - the…


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Quick Update

WOW was life ever easier when I all I had to was run and talk. Now I have to work!! I like my job. It's something that comes easy to me, I am outdoors, I get to deal with people and there is just enough excitement in it to make interesting without to demanding. My co workers are good and the location is good. The only issue is the pay is not great. 

I will keep my eyes open for something a little more financialy secure but for now I am not just trying to budget the new work…


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VestFriend & Tactical Self Defense

Wow what a crazy week. I don't know where to start. I was able to get some hours in as a security guard with Maluco Security at the Model United Nations . This was a four days of work and it went till about 2 am or so.

I was very impressed Maluco, they were professional, organized, and filled with experts in there field. The staff were…


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My Float Tank Expierence


I had my first experience in a float tank (Isolation tank) yesterday. I have been on a bit of a search as of late to find new ways to “work out” my brain. I mean if I can run across the Country, if I can complete an Ironman, if I can bush my physical limits. What will happen if I push my cognitive limits?

I have worked out my brain with programs, from simple things like Sudoku, Rubik’s cubes, Luminosity and lots of…


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Encouragement: Ugo Bassi Quote

"Measure thy life by loss instead of gain, 

Not by the wine drunk, but the wine poured forth,

For love's strength standeth in love's sacrifice,

And whoso suffers most hath most to give."…


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Farewell to a friend: RIP Thomas William Weese AKA Totemwood Tommy

[This post, this blessed, difficult post has been a long, long time in coming.  I have wrestled with it, mulled it over in my head, let it rest, wrote and re-wrote countless times.  As with all things TBI, emotions zap us of precious energy.  Oftentimes, the feelings just need to be until the TBIer finds strength.]

My first recollection of Tommy was at Brain Injury support group in Bremerton.  He, with the help of the group facilitators, led the group on an interesting exploration…

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The Final Run To Remember

The final Run To Remember by temporallobe at Garmin Connect - Details

  • Weather: Low of -4c High of 5c (24.8 F to 41 F) Sunny
  • Distance for Today : 29.82…

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2nd to Last Run

Duncan to Victoria. Sort of. by temporallobe at Garmin Connect - Details

  • Weather:…

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South Wellington to Somenos

This is the photo's and run data from the 07/12/2011 blogpost. I was so tired that night I had no energy left.

South Wellington to Somenos. by temporallobe at Garmin Connect - Details

  • Weather: Low of -3c High of 5c (26.6 F to 41 F) Cloudy
  • Distance for Today : 34.97 km 24.73 miles
  • Total Distance to Date: 7845.22 kl…

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I met a Hero today.

Today was an amazing day. Talk about sensory overload.

Short post because it is really late. It was a monumental day that I still processing. I will update more tomorrow but here is a short note of the day.

In the morning I was met by a news crew and reporter,

Then I ran,

After running about 25 km We stopped to head to the Nanaimo Brain injury Society.

I met the Mayor of Nanaimo and had a run to remember day…


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Vancouver Island. Yeah. Almost done.

Vancouver Island Run Through Nanaimo by temporallobe at Garmin Connect - Details to see the pictures.

Weather: Low of 3c High of 5c (37.4 F to 41 F) Cloudy

Distance for Today : 12.63 km 7.85 miles

Total Distance to Date: 7810.25 kl (4860.74mi)

Song of the Day: Song of the Day is changed to Word of the day. That word is "F*ck" it was very appropriate today.

All I can say about… Continue

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Running to North Vancouver.

Last run on the Mainland next stop Victoria by temporallobe at Garmin Connect - Details

(having problems uploading pictures. Please go to to see them. I got allot of great pictures)

Weather: Low of -1c High of 3c (30.2 F to 37.4 F) Cloudy

Distance for Today : 26.45 km 16.43 miles

Total Distance to Date: 7797.62 kl (4852.89 mi)

Song of the Day: Bright Light's Bigger City, Cee… Continue

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Wow what a Day.

Wow what a day. 

We were up and off to Langley to meet the Langley Mayor and the Mayor of the Langley Township. We had some interviews and then were on where on our way to Richmond to my Dentist. …


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