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Finding a place to live.
2 Replies

Does anyone have any good suggestions on how to find a place to live.  It is easier to just live alone when you have a is my experience that marriage is not a wise decision.  I am on a…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Kerry Mischka Oct 5, 2012.

Stephen Cunningham
2 Replies

I am so touched by what you wrote and I live in Trinity, Florida...Tampa is right around the corner.  I want you as a friend, but don't know how to do it.  It would be so much fun to get some other…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Kerry Mischka May 30, 2012.

8 Replies

I sustained a severe TBI on August 23rd, 1997.  I never got SSI and totally depend on God to help me financially.  Can anyone help me and tell me what to do.  My family took over everything while I…Continue

Tags: emotions, Finances

Started this discussion. Last reply by Kerry Mischka Mar 18, 2012.

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Kerry Mischka replied to Anthony Gary's discussion Can anyone relate?
"Hey Papa- You are welcome....have an awesome day....Kerry"
May 28, 2014
Kerry Mischka replied to Anthony Gary's discussion Can anyone relate?
"Hey Papa- I was just telling Anthony that it is kind of like the Lord is bringing all of His children together.  What the enemy means for evil, God will turn around and use for His good.  I'm not sure everyone is on board with my love…"
May 27, 2014
Anthony Gary and Kerry Mischka are now friends
May 25, 2014
Kerry Mischka replied to Anthony Gary's discussion Can anyone relate?
"Dear Anthony Gary- Although I am not on here much, I just wanted you to know that I can totally relate to what you have expressed above....I hope I am not too late.  I sent you a friend request and I am also a Christian.  Just…"
May 25, 2014
Kerry Mischka commented on TBI Survivors Network's event Brain Injury Awareness - whos aware of what ? did you know
"YES.....I agree Michael....Florida needs help....It sucks down here.  Kerry"
Apr 5, 2014
Kerry Mischka replied to Emerson's discussion Have you experienced sudden changes years after a TBI?
"Everything has changed for me....severe TBI was in 1997 and I think learning to walk and talk at 27yrs of age was easier than all the crap I deal with now.  I am a woman too.  All of my hormones are totally out of whack and it is more…"
Jan 29, 2014
Kerry Mischka commented on Penny Condoll's group Brain Energy Support Team
"So tired of being sick and tired....severe TBI survivor from 1997.  Getting older and they are still trying to find out what's going on....gained 15lbs. out of the blue at 44yrs of age and my Dr. tells me that my hormones are very low,…"
Jan 29, 2014
Kerry Mischka joined Penny Condoll's group

Brain Energy Support Team

Provide support, advocacy, public awareness, education & socialization opportunities to individuals with a brain injury & their families.See More
Jan 29, 2014
Richard Jackson left a comment for Kerry Mischka
"Hi Kerry,  You left a message for me and I apologize for not having responded earlier.  I haven't signed onto the Survivors network for quite awhile. Yes, I am the person who is planning to start both a US Military veterans' TBI…"
Oct 14, 2013
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Sep 13, 2013
Kerry Mischka left a comment for Maranel Schmitz
Aug 12, 2013
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Aug 12, 2013
Kerry Mischka replied to Deborah Berry's discussion What is your greatest Challenge right now?
"I also have to agree with what Geo said to you Mary is that the only way you can bring any of us down is if you never came on this site.....Your input is very valuable whether it is positive or of the biggest lessons the Lord has…"
Aug 11, 2013
Kerry Mischka replied to Deborah Berry's discussion What is your greatest Challenge right now?
"Hi Mary.....I am here for is a serious thing that you said, but if I had a nickel for every time I made that same comment I would be rich.  You are so loved Mary by all of us on here.  We don't know you personally, but…"
Aug 10, 2013
Kerry Mischka replied to Deborah Berry's discussion What is your greatest Challenge right now?
"Deborah- It is my belief that men and women have very different brains.  Not only is our damage completely different, but our brains are totally different too.  On August 23,2013 will be my 16th year of survival and I am just NOW learning…"
Aug 10, 2013
Kerry Mischka left a comment for mary lutz
"Hi Mary....I know, I haven't been on here for about a year or so....Praying that all is well with you.  Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't you on Adderall?  Was that you that told me that?  Please remind me if you…"
Aug 8, 2013

Profile Information

I am a brain injury Survivor, Family/Caregiver or professional
What do you find most difficult living with a brain injury
I thank God for my life now and it is one interesting journey.
are you on another social network such as facebook, so we can varify your a real person trying to apply
I survived a severe TBI August 23, 1997 in Sarasota, Florida. I have suffered severe depression most of my life prior to the accident. My family says I am no different now than I was prior to the accident. My father committed suicide when I was almost 4yrs old.
what is most important that you learn about brain injury
my or my families brain injury is concidered
Severe, TBI

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At 8:33pm on October 14, 2013, Richard Jackson said…

Hi Kerry,  You left a message for me and I apologize for not having responded earlier.  I haven't signed onto the Survivors network for quite awhile.

Yes, I am the person who is planning to start both a US Military veterans' TBI Rehab Camp, a TBI / PTSD resource center and a TBI / PTSD support group for "Wounded Warriors" and their families.

I've been taking many social services / disability relating courses and will find out if WA State Dept. of Vocational Rehab will fund my taking a Certificate program in Non-Profit Management.

In my planning I've found the internet to be a great resource.  You asked if you can ask me questions about starting a TBI support group in 2012 (a message that I accessed today)  Yes, please ask me questions.  I had been a TBI Support group co-facilitator for a year.  For information, I suggest seeing and clicking on the links in the right bottom of the page.  It tells you about the network of TBI support groups in WA state and organizational details.  Also the webinars at has many interesting and helpful on demand webinars posted.

I see that you live in New Port Richey, FL.  I have relatives who live in the St Pete area and my wife and I were there in September.

I also note that you know the Lord - knowing Him gave me hope in my deepest depression.  My 1st TBI was when I was 8 and my 2nd was a Blast induced TBI in 2010.


At 3:01pm on July 25, 2013, anthonybinns said…

hi k Anthony no pics are you a pretty lady ok u feel better ok

At 6:24am on October 8, 2012, Glen Brist said…

Kerry,  I  am  surprise  that  in   re-hab  you were  taught  not  to  nap.....I  was  so  tired  I  slept   allot.....and   they  encouraged  it  because  it  is  allot  like   a  babies  brain,,,   it  is    busy   growing,  (in  our  case ,  reconfiguring, )   and   they  said  that  is  why  babies  sleep    allot... my Dr.  suggested  the  sleep  med  (Ambien)  mainly  to   shut  my  brain  down ,    Often   our   brains   run  around  ,  in  my  case  I   am  taking  care  of  the  home  ranch,   so   I  have  had  to   plan,  organize,  and   also    work  physically   hard,   and  at  my  age,   I   just  could  hardly  do  it.... hence  the  need  for  naps....  There  again,   age  is  a  major   difference  will  all  of  us...  Actually,  my  Dr.   encouraged  me  to   work  out  at  the  hosp.  sport  center,   which  is  good  for   our   selves,   and  If  I  had  lots  of  errands  to  run  in  town,   and  I   felt  my   brain  getting  tired,  I  would   put   "projects"   aside  ,  and   drive  home.  There  are  allot  of  things  that   can  just  wait,  my  driving  safety,  and   mood,  and   making  proper  choices   are  more  important,   so    "whoa"   " I  am  going  home  to   nap "    Sometimes  my  family  would  say "  go  take  a  nap "    probably  if  I  was  getting   a  little  on  edge,  and  at  first  I    resented  it,  it  to  me  was  like  they  were  saying   to  a   child,  "go  to your  room,  we  don't  want  you"....and  sometimes  I  would   cry,   so   I   realized  "it"  was  my  problem,  so   thanks  to   God,   I  was  able  to   make  adjustments  within ...  best  let  this  be   all  for  now...

At 7:22pm on October 7, 2012, Glen Brist said…

Kerry,   my   Dr.   says  that  I  will  face   a  fatigue   issue  the  rest  of  my  life.... If  I  do  not  nap,    I  am   toast...    easier  to   get  along  with  others (family)   if   I  nap,  but  I   have also  learned  to   relax  and  let  things   slide.....tbi  has    taught  me  that   one  can   squabble  over  things  so  minor,,  life  is  to  short  for  that  so   I  am  glad  for   faith  and  also   support  group  therapy,  that  has   helped  me  to  accept  and  compensate....  I  take  a   Dr.  prescription  for   going  to  sleep,   wish  it  would  keep  me  there  the  full  night....  but  there  again....  nothing  wrong  with  naps.....  Thanks  for  sharing  what  you  did,   sorry  I have  missed  your  profile  till  now....

At 6:41pm on October 7, 2012, Daniel Trapp said…


Interesting. Do you get regular sleep, by that I mean are you able to go to bed at the same time every night, are you able to get 6-8hrs of uninterrupted sleep, and do you use sleep aids (glass of wine, shot of whisky, or sleeping pills) to help you get sleep?

Also, concerning the mechanism of your injury, did you suffer any blunt force trauma to a specific area of your head?

At 7:19am on October 5, 2012, Daniel Trapp said…

yes, that is the case. Forgive me for not responding, I leave the website up and do not log off when I am not here.

I am currently taking a disabilities class and the Professor has asked us to get involved with a blog/support group. I have some TBI related issues so I have chosen to do more research on how TBI effects the lives of people, the difficulties one faces on a daily basis, and also the frustrations with having a disability that society is pretty clueless of and not very understanding of. My goal is to gain new perspectives on how this unseen disability is very real to those who have it.

At 5:11pm on September 14, 2012, Kelly Sanford said…


I have not been on the site in a while.  Good to hear from you. How are you doing?  I am starting vestibular therapy related to my head injury.  Do you know anything about it?

Kelly Sanford

At 11:36pm on August 1, 2012, Geo Gosling said…

No. I don't think it is possible for someone who has not suffered a TBI to understand what it is like to live with an injured brain. Therefore, they could not make much of a helpful comment to someone who has suffered a TBI. I am not being critical of anyone; that's just the way it is. It's a fact of life.

I agree, you couldn't describe what it's like to give birth unless you have given birth yourself. I, or any male human being, could never describe what it is like to give birth.

I was extremely f!@#$%^ pissed-off for a good 10-12 years after I suffered my TBI. I'm still pretty pissed-off but nothing like I was. Time does not heal all wounds but it does make them less "painful"...I guess. The best thing I did for my anger was to keep myself busy. I did that by writing a book where I "vented" about all the shit I have had to put up with because my brain has been severely injured. Then I wrote another one.The books are: TBI Hell: A Traumatic Brain Injury Really sucks followed by: TBI Purgatory: Comes After Being In TBI Hell

Click here for TBI Hell (in print)

Click here for TBI Hell on iTunes

Click here for TBI Hell from Google eBooks

click here for TBI Purgatory (in print)

Click here for TBI Purgatory in iTunes

Click here for TBI Purgatory in Google eBooks

Click here for TBI Purgatory for the Kindle

Yes. Life does suck...for a while (it could be a long while) after one has suffered a severe TBI. Your life will never be the same, at least mine won't. is a funny thing - it's all how you look at it. I was suicidal, homicidal, omnicidal (I would have killed anything and everything) for a good 10-12 years after my accident. Then, I don't know, I decided that I hate feeling like this and thought "Well, I'm pretty f!@#$%^-up, I can't do what I used to do, but I can do...this, that, and the other thing, so I'll do this, that, and the other thing."

Plus, I figured with my luck if I tried to commit suicide, I'd fail and end-up worse off than I am now, and if I killed someone I'd be caught and thrown in prison for life. Then I'd be in prison with a TBI...not good.


At 4:14pm on July 22, 2012, stephen d. cunningham said…

 Hi Kerry,My PTSD is not combat PTSD. It is life and death expereance when i was in the hellicopter crash thats when i also got my first TBI 12-25-1972 my second came in 1975 for following orders. Alot of inhumane things happned to me after the crash until i got discharged then i ran for my life. 

At 7:25pm on June 6, 2012, stephen d. cunningham said…

Thankyou Kerry I was taken off medication causing me lots of side efect hopefull its for the best.Thanks for calling me A Hero but Iam not a hero .Iam a Surviver thats all.The photo i found it on FB i search for funny photo helps the time and the ringing in the ears move along.Keep smiling it makes others feel better.                                          STEPHEN                                 


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I am new to the Beaumount, Texas, area, but many are encouraging my positive perspective of brain recovery vs. injured, disabled, retarded, handicapped, crippled, etc., (legal disability environment/fear factor) cognitively challenged (linguistic…See More
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Full Circle

As a survivor of Traumatic Brain-Injury who is too stubborn to give up and yield to the notion that I cannot work due to disability, I have--more than once--been a client of the Washington State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. My file has…See More
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Hello.I want to let you know about the publication of my new book. It is called "Rethink, Redo, Rewired: Using Alternative Treatments to Heal a Brain Injury"It will teach readers about some alternative treatments that can help with many health…See More
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