I am a TBI survivor. After working hard to go back to work. I finally got my job back after 2.5 years of struggle and hard work. Now, after a few years of doing very well at work, I find that I am making mistakes, memory type mistakes, that are really making it tough to keep working. Anyone, else struggling with returning to work? How do you cope with the "write-ups", etc.? Thanks!

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i had lots of trouble going back to work. i kept trying only ending up back into the hospital. i have a cyst growing into the left side of my brain starting at the middle of my back. i had surgery but going back to work proved very hard. i even went as far as putting myself in the hospital because i was a single mom, not owning up to my responsibility. lost my son in the struggle, but sometimes we have to accept that we are going to forget things, we are going to get careless sometimes and not realize it.  i coped with it the wrong way. there is a post on the very top of the forums.. its loaded with inspiration.. if you havent checked it yet, you should. good luck and much love.

I am barely on this site because although it's an awesome site, I get overwhelmed.  I'm dealing more brain injury related after 4 concussions last year.  May I suggest,

If you are having difficulty on the job, contact the Job Accommodations Network (JAN) for expert and confidential guidance on workplace accommodations and disability employment issues. 


its tough but we have to keep trying good luck in my prayers

think of it like being out of shape.. when you start to train again its hard ,draining and like your going backwards...it is that way for the first three to five weeks...you body and your brain have to adjust to the energy required....so even if your wiped at the end of the day train your brain on lumosity...its self adjusting to your weakest and slowest area but also c challanges you a bit but not too fast ...the point is adjust to more than you need  and what you need is easy..youll get there ...may lose a ob or two along the way.. also ask the voc rehab at the state workforce center. thats what they are there for.....assistive tech.. like a tablet or body cam to reveiw what you miss  with to much distraction for example you get the picture... most important is go at your own speed as much as you can..but do not burn yourself out..OK

Great, thank you very much!

Don't blame all of your memory problems on your TBI.....it also could be indirectly related in the form of stress.  If you are stressed or anxious it's easy for anyone to have memory problems and make mistakes.  We all are only human.  This is what I have hated the most about having had a TBI and working: everyone else make similar mistakes but they aren't criticized as much or looked down upon because our bosses think it's a one time thing for those others but because we have had a TBI it seems as though it is thought that we will always make those mistakes and we're not going to learn from those mistakes, or that we can't.

Per the above suggestions, I also suggest your state vocational rehabilitation and the JAN - job accommodation network, if you haven't already; I think they're on-line.  I live in Oregon where there are non-profit disability advocates with lawyers to help you write accommodation requests....do you have a list of accommodations that can help you do your job better?  Meaning, an accommodation for me was for my superiors to be more patient with me and to give me more time to complete a project if it was legally allowable.

You are an intelligent person and it's ok to ask for help with Reasonable Accommodations!  If you ever want to talk I would be supportive of you..... to help keep your confidence up.

Good Luck with everything and I meant what I said above that if you ever need some help with confidence I'd help with giving you  supportive but realistic advice....

I am 25 years post brain injury, since then I have 2 Bachelor degrees and it's a struggle.....You are a human being and even though you have a brain injury, you are mainly and foremost a human being.

And, by the way, I have lost many jobs, too many that it is embarrassing.  Try to learn from all of your mistakes and be humble with what you have learned.....it takes a lot of time.

I am learning all of the time.  You would not believe it if you knew what profession I am in....I am an RN and one of the best at my job....I have never been fired for making a medical error or put someone's life in danger...it was always for asking too many questions...believe it or not....

Wow, thank you very much for sharing & the support! It really helps, I am just trying to do my best every day but you know the struggles.

I got a prescription for amantadine, it really helps with focus. I get a lot more done at work. You would have to get a prescription from a neurologist, but then you can get refills from a primary care doctor. It's about $8 per month. There are a few papers online regarding clinical trials of this drug.  http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa1102609  

You can google search Amantadine & TBI if you want more info. Its worth trying for a month. 

Before trying amantadine I was using St. Johns Wort (Kira), this also worked, but you have to order it from Germany and it only lasts a few hours: http://www.paulsmarteurope.com/kira-300mg-dragees-60-ea/    Plus, not all St. Johns Wort is the same, the stuff from the grocery store and Amazon didn't work at all. 

I enjoy the job working for the hospital in the computer department.  Currently, there are two team leads who are trying to encourage more productivity from me.  I haven't taken informing the new acting supervisors of some of the limitations of my TBI, but whatever.  I recognize that I'm not knocking a lot of the work tickets closed.  I think I can keep my job.  Things could change though.


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